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Reverse E-Waste was established in 2011, principally specialising in recycling and recovery of raw materials contained in electronic waste (e-waste). Our business is committed to ensuring that our recycling and material recovery practices meet and maintain the required ISO accreditation level of compliance recognised in the recycling industry. The business focus of Reverse E-waste is ultimately aimed at achieving, strengthening and growing its customer relationships, while continuously improving and developing new, feasible and innovative strategies for encouraging sustainable environmental management practices, both in industry and the wider community.

E-waste Solution

Commercial Solution

Our commercial e-waste collections are fee free for volumes over 1 cubic metre. Data sanitation using latest technology can be provided together with certificates of destruction. Our range of clients include those from the finance sector, retail, telecommunications, avionics and information systems.

Government Solution

Our government e-waste collections are also fee free for volumes over 1 cubic metre. Certificates of destruction and data sanitation are also provided. Here our clients include local government, law enforcement, government utilities, hospitals and research facilities and the education sector including tertiary institutions.


Our operational sustainability is tightly managed by extensive sorting and disassembly of products through to downstream disposition commodities via BASEL export permits. Further assurance is delivered through our on-site audits of our downstream partners and recyclers.

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