About Us

Who we are?

Reverse E-waste is an ISO certified e-waste recycling corporation recognised by the Federal Government as ONE of the FIVE approved Co-regulatory Arrangements back in June 2013, supporting the National Television & Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) in Australia. We collect all types of e-waste material Australia wide from

– Local Government Authorities;

– All levels of business and institutes;

– The general community.


Currently, Reverse E-Waste provides over 70 e-waste drop-off points nationally though our links with local government authorities, retailers and social enterprises and continues to grow. We provide our clientele with a number of accessible and convenient services, including:

– Ongoing scheduled e-waste collection events,

– Multitude of drop-off sites;

– Australia Post return scheme.


Our company places a significant emphasis on environmental advocacy among our relationships with our clientele, encouraging their support and due diligence towards our approach in seeing the need to implement sustainable stable solutions needs e-waste management all in the name of conserving the environment.